About Us

Champagne Soda specialises in providing high end virtual and augmented reality experiences to the property sector. We collaborate with developers, sales agents, project marketing firms and architects to assist with selling off-the-plan property. Our best-in-class digitally rendered environments can be used as alternatives or additions to physical display suites, with the ability to recreate environments that until now, have been impossible to showcase in a physical display suite, such as common spaces and outdoor areas.

Champagne Soda Team

By closely collaborating throughout the build, using an agile and transparent development process, we provide each of our clients with a customised, turn-key solution they can incorporate into any existing marketing strategy. Depending on the client’s needs, we can work from existing renders or CAD files, either to an exact specification or with consultancy from our experienced designers.

Our solution suits multi-unit developments, existing homes, public infrastructure, schools and universities, outdoor areas such as parks and gardens, hotels, casinos, shopping centres and more. Open up new markets and sales channels by taking the solution interstate or overseas: with virtual reality, a client can walk through a property any time, anywhere in the world. We provide all the training and equipment support you need to ensure a seamless presentation to your customers.

If you haven’t experienced true virtual reality recently, you will be amazed how far the technology has come. For Champagne Soda, our favourite moment is when customers enter the immersive world of virtual reality and say “Wow!” as they look around in wonder.