Our Model

Our service is designed with the end buyer in mind. We instil confidence and assurance so that purchasing off the plan is faster and more effective than ever before.

Champagne Soda is a Virtual & Augmented Reality Marketing Firm working in partnership with Developers, Real Estate Agents, Project Marketing Agents and Architects to add value to the design and development of any project. Champagne Soda is a once stop shop for customised collateral to aid in the promotion, sale and experience of buying a new home. Champagne Soda is not just limited to large multi-unit developments, our team can build immersive experiences for events, festivals, existing homes, infrastructure, schools/universities, casinos, hotels, shopping centres and more.

Any Property – Any Time – From Anywhere

The ability to view a display suite has always been set to a physical location, for a limited amount of time. With virtual reality, a prospective buyer can walk through any property, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

We enable the Property Developer to cut their marketing budgets while providing longevity for any project. Long after the display suite has been removed, buyers can still walk through an immersive environment and experience real time responsiveness.

Our Advantage

Our services enable the buyer to visually experience their prospective purchase and to create an emotional connection with it, allowing a sense of confidence the buyer might otherwise never experience in such depth. A floor plan was the only indication of what their new home or investment property was going to look like.

Floor samples and colour swatches are a thing of the past. Interactive immersive technology allows the buyer to custom design their purchase even before a single brick has been laid.

Our Core Values

We Foster Innovation

In today’s ever changing global marketplace, services that were once thought of as premium or luxury offerings have come to be the expected norm from buyers and sellers alike. At one time, it may have been acceptable to simply maintain the status quo to remain competitive, but today that is no longer an option for agencies and brokers to be relevant in the market place.

We Create Excitement

It is in the heart of this new global trend that Champagne Soda has chosen to establish a product and service from which to meet their clients head-on with these exciting new challenges and opportunities!

We Pursue Excellence

Advances in technology have accomplished feats in the past few decades which were once thought impossible. Gone are the global barriers of distance and accessibility in communication. We have now closed the gap worldwide, making it possible to communicate with anyone, at any time anywhere…

A new Reality

No longer the stuff of science fiction this is the new reality, and in this new reality there is no room for “business-as-usual” and the adage “time-is-money” holds a new, ever-present meaning for industries that are regularly operating at a global level. Real Estate is one such industry.