Project Case Studies

Paragon, Melbourne CBD

Paragon is a mixed-use 48-level residential redevelopment of the iconic and history rich site formerly used by the Melbourne Celtic Club.

Five floors above a stately lobby entrance, a landscape of social spaces include an indoor forest and theater.

  • Paragon1
  • Paragon 2
  • Paragon 3
  • Paragon 4
  • Paragon 5
  • Paragon 6
  • Paragon 7
  • Paragon 8
  • Paragon 9
  • Paragon 10
  • Paragon 11
“Champagne Soda adds remarkable value with an amazing new way for us to engage with our clients”.Jamie Baldwin | General Sales Manager

Champagne Soda worked closely with Beulah International Developers and Fender Katsalidis Architects to create ultra-realistic virtual rooms and walk-throughs enabling potential investors the unique opportunity to see the completed development, without the need for a physical display suite.

Concept Office Interiors

Investing in a new office space is an expensive exercise and being able to showcase the final product is something Concept Office Interiors is now able to achieve using Virtual Reality technologies.

Clarence Workplaces have their new office suite accessible in the Virtual Environment, so they can experience the space before construction begins.

  • Concept Office 1
  • Concept Office 2
  • Concept Office 3
  • Concept Office 4
  • Concept Office 5
“The team at Champagne Soda are a dream to work with. They were able to complete our project in a very limited timeframe with an exceptional result”. Ben Mensink | BDM

Champagne Soda has the technical capacity to build any virtual environment from single rooms to entire buildings.
Concept Office Interiors designs beautiful offices and by collaborating with Champagne Soda can now offer the innovation of Virtual Reality tours of their designs.

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