Services We provide

Providing an Immersive Virtual “Reality” Experience. Innovative property solutions and integrations for individuals and brokers. Virtual and Augmented Reality Tours infused with world-class real estate client services offer more than industry standards.


Virtual Property Tours [VR]

Champagne Soda’s Property Tours allows you to make sales faster and with more confidence than ever before. You can walk your prospective buying through any property, at anytime, from anywhere in the world.

A three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interact with while being guided effortlessly throughout a virtual tour. The end user is in control of where and what they want to view, while becoming fully immersed within the environment.

3-D “Living” Plans

No longer do you have to imagine your investment before you commit. Now you can LIVE IT! Experience your property off the plan first hand with customised 3D living plans. Allowing you to literally explore the future and see what has yet to be built


  • Experience the space
  • Explore the property
  • Live the potential



While Virtual Reality aims to provide a fully immersive environment, Augmented Reality enhances the real world you live in. AR technology incorporates your real environment with a responsive “layer” giving you the best of both worlds. Allowing you to engage users through visual interaction.

Superimposing a computer-generated image into a user’s view of the real world. Scan your mobile device over a hard copy property listing and gain instant access to online information regarding the property including 3D tour

Virtual Reality Property Tours

360 Gyroscope Application

Integrated Gyroscope capabilities allow fluid response and unprecedented immersion into VR applications.
Discover the immersive and amazing
360 degree photos and videos of our properties.


  • Play on any device
  • User-friendly app
  • Flat Screens or VR

360 Degree Photography

Interactive, panoramic views that empower users to explore and discover properties like never before.

Champagne Soda: Redefining the Reality of Realty


Champagne Soda, like many other companies, has embraced the availability of new technologies. This enables us to provide our clients with the best possible experience, while providing highly adaptive solutions for the ever changing needs of the Real Estate Industry. Efficiency and effectiveness are the criteria by which we choose to integrate this new technology.



Whether using the amazingly low priced Google Cardboard to the state of the art Oculus headsets – our clients can experience VR walkthroughs at home or in our studios!

Creating a VR Experience

How we can work for you






What We Do

We take the guess work out of purchasing off the plan. Allowing Agents to close on pending developments with ease, thanks to Virtual 360 Property Tours.

Our Process:
We provide you with a virtual rendering of the property via your mobile phone or tablet. Allowing your potential buyers to view the property at any time anywhere in the world.

  • Provide the property development plans
  • Receive a virtual rendering of the property
  • Take your clients through a virtual reality experience

How we do it

The process of buying, selling, or investing in Real Estate Property is best accomplished on-site, hands-on where we can feel and evaluate with all of our senses.
Champagne Soda provides agencies with a way to offer property tours that are not only convenient, but offer a whole new dynamic to the evolution of property acquisition.

  • Increased value for buyers
  • Faster closing deals
  • Happier Clients!

End Result

In a world where technology opens countless doors and opportunities, it can be tempting to rely on new technology while sacrificing actual real interactions in the process. What makes Champagne Soda unique is in our commitment to integrate both, the human and the high-tech experience to our customers. Providing the BEST services to our partners without ever compromising on value or quality. The end results are Real.

  • High Quality Products
  • Real Value for our Clients Results
  • Unbeatable Experience for everyone

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