Why Property Developers are using virtual reality to sell real estate remotely

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In this age of technology, businesses which fail to communicate their value clearly and leave it to their customers’ imagination are getting crushed by the competition. It is for this reason that the concept of Virtual Reality (VR) is catching up fast. VR helps Agents showcase their services in a way that leaves no room for communication and imagination gaps.

While almost all industries are adapting to new technologies and innovations, it is quite surprising to see that the real estate sector is yet to rise up to the challenge. The industry has shown reluctance in giving up outdated practices and is clinging to the decade’s old sales and marketing gimmicks. This reluctance is not only costing developers and property sellers a lot of time and money in their marketing efforts, but also depriving buyers of comfort and fulfilment that they deserve while making the biggest purchase of their life.

How VR can help you sell your home remotely

How VR is changing the real estate landscape is evident from the way some developers are revolutionising their business and selling properties remotely by utilising Virtual and Augmented Reality tools.

Let’s take for example a unique value proposition that Trumark Urban – a U.S.-based developer– recently offered to prospective buyers of its luxury residential project in San Francisco.

The buyers were offered to utilise tools such as virtual reality goggles, model 3D floor plans and virtual 3D tours of the proposed design layout and customise their properties during the build out. The offer created a lot of buzz as people were thrilled to know that they could design their future home without even having to visit the under-construction project site.

Using virtual reality, you can also come up with creative marketing strategies that will not only help you sell your project faster, but also save money.

VR adds convenience and elevates buying experience

As a developer or seller, you can immediately stand out from the competition and reach a larger pool of buyers by utilising virtual reality tools. VR walkthroughs will help your prospects make home buying decisions from the comfort of their living room. They can stage the home on their own, rearrange furniture and visualise the space the way they want to.

Virtual reality provides a greater degree of comfort when it comes to selling real estate projects off-the-plan. Even before a shovel hits the dirt, you can run full-scale sales and marketing campaigns with the help of virtual reality. VR tools can bring yet-to-be-built housing developments to life. Donning VR headsets, potential buyers can walk through a virtual apartment as well as explore the proposed communal outdoor area on the roof.

In conclusion

An increasing number of developers around the world are spotting unique sales and marketing opportunities with this technology. VR solutions are also bringing all industry stakeholders – developers, real estate agents and buyers – on a common platform. Here they can share their vision and at the same time, benefit from highly personalised outcomes. VR can be a great marketing tool in your arsenal as it will help you stay on the top of your real estate game and crush your competition easily.


By Champagne Soda